Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation

automatic body temperature detection, mask wearing
detection, and spray disinfection. This workstation will reduce the labor intensity of
personnel, improve the safety for the personnel under high-frequency contacts, and
effectively avoid the risk of cross infection in public areas and crowded places.

Automatic temperature monitoring

ANMO adopts imported high-precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor, which is calibrated by blackbody radiation source before delivery. It can realize non-contact, fast and reliable body temperature measurement, and effectively avoid cross infection.

Automatic Mask Wearing Detection

ANMO can detect those who do not wear a mask, and voice reminds "Please wear a mask".

Auto-induction Spray Hand Disinfection

ANMO adopts non-contact induction spraying, and can carry out hand disinfection simultaneously when measuring temperature, with high efficiency, safety and health.

Commuting punch-in and wireless data transmission

ANMO can also achieve commuting punch-in and data unloading at the same time. The face recognition system can support offline storage of 100,000 face photos and recognition records. It can also monitor abnormal people and upload them to the server.

Access Control Camera (Face Recognition/Temperature Indicator)

  • Non-contact surface area
    temperature measurementy
  • Distance – 40cm
  • Real-time/45 people/ minutes

Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement

  • Non-contact surface area
    array temperature
  • Distance – 40cm
  • Real-time – > 60 people/ minutes

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