January 2024 – Bentec is pleased to announce that atg electronics, a leading company in the Italian market offering innovative solutions for the assembly and production of PCB, announces its exclusive representation of Prey By Detech Universal Product Inspector (UPI) throughout Italy.

Founded as atg-italy srl on the request of the German brand atg Luther & Maelzer, atg electronics has rapidly grown, incorporating globally recognized brands that are leaders in their industries, and expanding its presence internationally with the establishment of atg electronics srl SB in 2021. The company offers innovative solutions for the assembly and production of PCBs. With a reputation for quality, atg electronics has rapidly grown to become a consulting leader.

“At atg electronics, we have always combined tradition with innovation, and our commitment to ethical, social, and environmental sustainability has guided our growth,” said Daniele Pavani, CEO at atg electronics. “We are thrilled to represent Prey By Detech UPI in Italy, further solidifying our position as a consulting leader in the Italian market.”

Leveraging years of vision and software expertise, UPI is a cost-effective, versatile visual inspection system designed for various industrial sectors, providing consistent and high-quality final product assessment. The system addresses the industry’s longstanding reliance on human operators for final inspections by offering an automated solution.

“The UPI is not only user-friendly but also maintains accuracy, flexibility, and repeatability across diverse industries where human inspection is currently prevalent,” added Pavani.

Key features of the Universal Product Inspector (UPI) include its applicability in various industrial sectors, providing consistent and high-quality final product assessment. The system is universal and can be used for inspecting a wide range of items, examining both sides of an assembly in less than 4 seconds. Additionally, it is designed to identify missed/damaged connector pins, barcode and label placement, scratches, lead connections, and several other tasks that are currently manually inspected.

“atg electronics is committed to operating in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent way, and the adoption of Prey By Detech UPI aligns with our dedication to sustainable innovation,” concluded Pavani.

Prey By Detech is a British designed and manufactured product line. Based in Yorkshire, England, the company has been involved in producing inspection technologies for many years, which has led to the development of the Universal Product Inspector (UPI). The company has its own software, design, and manufacturing, resulting in fast reactions to customer requirements. The Prey UPI will soon be available as an inline for customers needing this high-volume capability. The platform also allows itself for customization to fulfil customer requirements.

To find out more about atg electronics srl, visit the company at www.atg-e.com. For further information about Prey UPI, visit www.bentec-int.com/prey-upi/ or contact the company at:

Detech Europe Limited.
The Farm Office,
Model Farm,
Atwick Road,
East Riding of Yorkshire,
YO25 8DT,
United Kingdom;
+44 (0)1262 409944;
E-mail: sales@detech-europe.com.

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