INGLESIDE, IL — IDENTCO® is now offering its PPL™ series labels, engineered for use in SMT pick-and-place label feeders for precise placement on PCBs and components. All PPL series labels are made of pressure-sensitive polyimide film, engineered with heat- and solvent-resistant print-receptive topcoats.

When printed with IDENTCO TTRR™ series thermal transfer ribbons, the labels provide permanent, legible identification throughout the entire process workflow. The labels are provided standard with IDENTCO’s proprietary REEL-e™ static-dissipative reels. Reel-e reels are made to protect and support the label spool, are RoHS-compliant and compatible with all major SMT label feeders and automation equipment.

Polyimide-based labels and printed data endure high temperatures and aggressive cleaning chemistries that are found in solder reflow, cleaning and testing. The series is compatible with all major pick-and-place auto-apply systems, including IDENTCO’s ILP™ series pick-and-place label feeders.

Blank stock labels are available for in-house, on-demand thermal transfer printing and pre-printed, 100 percent verified labels are available from IDENTCO’s worldwide print service centers.

Quick-release film liners eliminate dust and are designed to ensure smooth compatibility with automation equipment. ESD materials meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements and they are UL approved when used with the appropriate IDENTCO TTRR ribbon specified by Underwriter’s Laboratory and the Canadian Standards Association.