What is Impossible Objects?

Impossible Objects is a 3D printer and materials company pioneering advancements in the additive manufacturing and composites manufacturing industries.  Based on years of research and development, our composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM) is an entirely new process that is fundamentally different from conventional additive manufacturing technologies.

Our CBAM process is designed specifically for composites. It produces parts stronger than other additive manufacturing technologies, faster than traditional composite methods, with more design freedom, and a broader selection of materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass paired with Nylon and PEEK. And we’re just getting started. Our goal is to produce the world’s strongest additively manufactured composite parts, rivaling hand layup materials, at injection molding speeds.


Capable of print speeds 15x faster than the nearest competitor, the CBAM 25 is changing the way things are made by bringing the power of 3D printing to volume manufacturing.
Faster 3D Printing: The CBAM 25 prints 25 feet per minute and produces parts 15x faster than any other technology on the market.
Better Dimensional Accuracy: Long-carbon fibers are combined with 50 micron-size polymer powders, enabling the CBAM 25 to achieve tolerances up to 125 microns.
Stronger & More Versatile Materials: CBAM 25 advanced composite material set achieves very high chemical and temperature resistance and mechanical properties superior to most engineering plastics.
UL 94V-0 Certified

CBAM or Composite Based Additive Manufacturing uses high-speed printing methods to produce high-performance composite parts without tooling or messy resins.
Long-fiber sheets of carbon fiber or fiberglass are combined with PEEK and other high-performance polymer powders.
Once the excess polymer powder is vacuumed from each individual sheet, they are stacked in the shape of the CAD bitmap file.
Next, the stack of sheets are heated and compressed to the melting point of the polymer and finally, the un-bonded portions of sheet fibers are removed through manual or automated bead blasting processes.
What is left is an advanced composite part with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio compared to aluminum.


It’s already among the top 3 fastest 3D printers on the market, and is the only additive manufacturing technology with line of sight access to high volume manufacturing.


Our AM process lends itself to low-cost printing and high-value and high strength printing, due to the types of materials it utilizes.


Using high-strength composites, our printer manufactures stronger, stiffer, and lighter parts with increased precision and greater quality control.