Validate the Consistency and Reliability of Your Conformal Coatings

Improve quality control, increase throughput, and reduce coating failures by measuring your conformal coating prior to application.

Now, for the first time ever, take control of your coatings with the Vision MARK-1, a revolutionary hand-held materials analysis device.

Reduce defects such as bubbling, cracking, and delamination.


What is the Vision MARK-1?

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Measure Materials

Insituware combines advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information with innovative packaging methods to enable nonintrusive sensing of materials in motion

Innovative Solutions

Insituware revolutionizes the way we control materials in manufacturing, sense physiological changes in sports, understand materials performance in aviation, and measure critical changes in construction materials


The Insitucloud with the MethodQC expands the reach of an Insituware device by providing access to a repository of materials data. By using the Insitucloud, users can rapidly identify unknown materials, investigate global and local changes in materials, and identify the root cause of material degradation or failure

Insituware Apps

The touch of a button on the Vision MARK-1 shows results that can increase efficiency, knowledge and productivity. Insituware’s hardware device technology is designed to be used as a partner with materials-specific Insituware Apps, allowing users to see and use customizable results to better monitor and control materials

Lab measurements

  • Accurate: Gold standard measurements
  • Expensive: Required trained lab technicians and costly equipment
  • Slow: Must ship the materials to the facility

In situ measurements

  • Serves Utility: Enables users to make decisions quickly and inexpensively
  • Inexpensive: Highly integrated sensors can be deployed at scale due to low cost
  • Quick: Automated interpretation