Turbo Dot

Turbo Dot is a contactless dispense valve intended for precise dosage jetting of
liquids and pastes with a viscosity of up to 200,000 mPas.
Turbo Dot provides swift and contactless dosage jetting for more than a
hundred high-precision drops in a matter of seconds.

TD118SP User Manual

TD118 User Manual

It‘s fast

280 drops/seconds continuously. And up to 50% gain in power in comparison to conventional jet valves.

It‘s easy to clean

the easiest and simplest cleaning procedure. It only has 3 parts that are in contact with the liquid. That‘s why it takes just several minutes to completely clean it up. Another nozzle can be installed immediately without having to recalibrate the valve itself. Also, there is no need to take the valve out of the machinery.

high velocity jetting

Turbo Dot can provide a very high velocity of jetting for the dosing of a wide variety of different liquids and pastes. Furthermore, the volume of dispensing can be easily changed in order to accurately adjust the process and accomplish the task appropriately.

desktop control

It can be easily integrated with a LC100D desktop controller which has a pressure tank inside and a touch screen panel on it.

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