LBT210 Solderability Tester Wetting Balance

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Solderability Testing

The solderability test is performed easily with modern PC-controlled measurement equipment.


Test using a solder pot filled with the same alloy that is used in the production line. Solder pots are interchangeable when more than one solder alloy is in use.

Revolutionary Test Method

A new method is available that tests using solder paste and a temperature profile. A component is placed on printed solder paste and heated through the same temperature profile that is used in production.


The LBT-210’s newly created software has been designed for ease of use, allowing users to start immediately with minimal effort. Our main focus is ease of use.

Key Features

Dynamic range
Automatic amplification
Vibration dampening design
Brushless DC servo motors
Positioning: better than 3 µm
Bath surface position determined by noncontact
Laser Sensor
Video of measurement can be capturedE-Stop, CE certified
Software in German, English, French, (additional languages possible)
Data saved in a SQL database with statistical analyses
Export of data in CSV & text files
Export of curves as image files and many more. Contact us for additional information.

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