Original Feeders and Nozzles

About Original Feeders and Nozzles

Original Feeders & Nozzles specialise in the supply of quality machine spares for the Surface Mount Technology. Offering SMT feeders, nozzles, label feeders, machine spares and smart storage. Continuing to develop a range of SMT products, spares and services whilst maintaining consistent competitive pricing.

Original Feeders and Nozzles cover the need for a versatile and flexible company that can meet the needs of the growing SMT industry by providing great value SMT feeders, SMT nozzles, SMT machine spares as well as a source for locating SMT pick and place machines and associated machinery with the SMT line.

Fast & Reliable

We carry most major SMT nozzles and SMT feeders in stock and can dispatch via our overnight service worldwide.

Keep SMT Lines Running

Our SMT spares locator service reduces down time to an absolute minimum.

Working Together

We know the order can be urgent. We help predict your requirements.


SMT Smart Inventory

A next generation smart storage system to fit small through to large scale applications at very reasonable prices.

SMT Label Feeders

Custom SMT label feeders to provide the best solution, offering outstanding reliability and a very easy setup.

SMT Feeders

We carry most makes of SMT feeders in stock at very competitve prices, both new and refurbished, all guaranteed.

SMT Machine Spares

Our vast stock of SMT machine spares will keep your pick and place machines running.

SMT Nozzles

As well as stocking all major SMT nozzles we offer a free custom nozzle design service for most SMT components.

Sales and Services

We also offer a parts finder service for other machines on the SMT production line.