BEWHOLME, DRIFFIELD, UK — Bentec is pleased to announce that Prey By Detech has appointed Panatek CO., a leading provider of integrated electronics in the electronics industry, to represent the company throughout the regions of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and smart solutions, Panatek is poised to enhance the presence of Prey’s Universal Product Inspector (UPI) in these strategic markets.

Established in 2017 by electronics experts and industry leaders, Panatek CO. has rapidly become a market leader in manufacturing technologies, serving clients in Egypt, Africa, and Arab countries. Specializing in automatic production lines, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through Hole Assembly (THT), PCB Fabrication, and more, Panatek is known for providing turnkey solutions and unparalleled technical service and support.

Prey’s Universal Product Inspector (UPI) marks a significant advancement in automated inspection technology. Addressing the need for final inspection in various industries, where human inspection is traditionally implemented, the UPI ensures repeatability, flexibility, and accuracy.

Key Features and Upgrades of Prey’s UPI:

Dual Camera Capture System: Simultaneously captures both top and bottom sides of any object, offering instantaneous inspection within sub-4 seconds.

Prey Inspector Software: Intuitive software designed in-house for a user-friendly experience, facilitating ease of navigation for operators and programmers.

Universal Carrier Mounting and Design: Customizable base tray allows customers to create their own carriers for mounting products, ensuring the UPI’s universal applicability.

“We are thrilled to have Panatek CO. as our exclusive sales representative in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Panatek’s dedication to excellence and their vast experience in delivering top-notch manufacturing solutions make them an ideal partner for us,” commented David Erskine, Managing Director, Prey by Detech. “Together, we look forward to introducing the Universal Product Inspector to these key markets, revolutionizing automated inspection processes.”

To find out more about Panatek CO, visit the company at For further information about Prey UPI, visit or contact the company at Detech Europe Limited, The Farm Office, Model Farm, Atwick Road, Bewholme, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO25 8DT, United Kingdom; +44 (0)1262 409944; E-mail: