UNICOMP SC-P2G/S Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner




  • Complete pneumatic operation without any fire risk
  • Equipment is ergonomically in designed
  • Cleaning & drying process is a simple one-button operation
  • Patented nozzle precision design ensures high cleaning process
  • Interior special design for better effect on rinsing & drying
  • Stencil tension is not affected during the cleaning process
  • Auto liquid feeding & draining system
  • Four-stage filtration system with precise exhaust design & control
  • Liquid can be recycled which results in lower solvent consumption
  • Internationally recognised critical components are used to ensure long
    term quality & reliability
  • Modular design to ensure easy maintenance
Stencil Cleaner with Cybersolv KYZEN
Stencil cleaner SC-P2GS Datasheet
Stencil cleaner Presentation Doc
Stencil Cleaner Technical Report from Zestron