3D SPI Solder Paste Inspection




  1. Original German sharp color camera to guarantee the high accuracy and high stability of the test.
  2. Military grade secondary laser to reduce the inference of external environment light, more stable and longer service life.
  3. A flexible hardware design, adjustable light, laser and camera, can test different colors of
  4. Software analysis conditions stored on the database, according to the analysis conditions provides an early warning function, intuitive and easy to understand.
  5. Powerful reports analysis, automatically generate R-Chart and X-Bar, automatically calculates the
  6. Export the complete and detailed SPC report, completely avoids all sorts of disadvantages of written
  7. Software is easy to use, provides the test of high precision design, the repetitive accuracy of standard solder blocks reaches plus or minus 0.001mm.
Model BT-460
Tiptop measure precision 0.001mm
Repetitive accuracy ±0.003mm
Lens magnification 4X
Optics inspection system 1.3 million pixels
Platform system manual(option:Y axis auto)
Measuring principle No-touch laser bean
Max measure height 1mm
SPC software Cpk, Cp, Xbar, R&S
Computer system Windows 7
Power source 1Ph,AC220V,50/60HZ
Size 460*500*350mm
Weight 25kg