Automatic Soldering Robot H352

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H352 is a 6-axis soldering robot with X-Y1-Y2-Z-R, and solderwire feeding motion system. it is equipped with a 400W high frequency heating system with rapid heat recovery, the soldering tip can easily be changed with low cost alternatives. Break-tin automatic solder wire feeder can reduce flux residue problems after soldering. Intuitive software utilizing windows 7 English OS for easy operation.


  1. Advanced industrial design, stylish shape, solid structure.


  1. X-Y1-Y2-Z-R, and soldering wire feeding motion system are all PC controlled by one combined 6 axis motion control card, so it can integrate all the functions into one simple user interface for programming, soldering time, solder wire feeding length, motion control. It makes the machine stable and easy to operate.


  1. X-Y1-Y2-Z-R, axis uses a quality stepper motor with its control system, making the machine run smoothly and accurately.


  1. It is equipped with automatic soldering tip cleaning device, which can improve soldering quality and prolong lifetime of the soldering tip.


  1. H352 is equipped with an industrial PC with windows 7 English operating system, adopting a touchscreen with wireless controller and a simple teach method for programming, making the programming very easy.


  1. Break tin solder wire feeding system can pierce holes when feeding solder wire, it can reduce burst tin that causes flux residue on the PCB when soldering under high temperature to improve the soldering quality, solder wire feeding accuracy is 0.1mm.


  1. 400W high frequency induction heating system has rapid temperature recovery time, heating element adopts a silver coil which ensures long life, the soldering tip can be easily changed with low cost alternatives.


  1. Advanced software, with simple programming with wireless controller similar to a game pad. All parameters can be set in one program, such as moving path, solder wire feeding quantity, soldering time etc.


  1. Optional smoke cover and smoke extractor can provide a very clean work environment.


  1. Various soldering tips can meet different process requirement. customized soldering tips are also available.