Lead Free Reflow



Heating Module

  • First rate air circulation.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity.
  • High heat efficiency.

Heating module design, easy for maintenance and cleaning. Front & rear air circulation ensures the accuracy and stability of the temperature & airspeed.


  • Replace the high temperature motor, air wheel and heating pipe independently.


  • Heat pipe can be changed to different power.

Cooling System

  • 2 cooling zones.
  • Easily fulfils the lead-free welding quick-cooling requirement.
  • Prevents the components and PCB deforming.
  • Convenient and easy to maintain.
  • Interchangeable between air cooling and water cooling system.
  • The design of the cooling drawer makes it easy to maintain the exhaust gas filter.

Flux Recovery System:

  • No need to turn off the machine for maintenance.
  • Modular design for cleaning and maintenance (Remove without tooling)
  • Multi-level flux filtering to ensure high-activity processing. (Environmentally friendly)

Conveyor system

  • The rails use special aluminium alloy and have had rigidity and oxidation treatment for anti-distortion and anti-wear.
  • The rails adopt a two-section structural design to enhance the warping resistance for anti-distortion.
  • Special width adjustment and conveyor structural design to ensure PCB conveying is stable and reliable.
  • Manual (For emergency) + electrical width adjustment.
  • PCB Equipped with emergency manual conveyor structure to prevent PCB burned when the power is off.
  • Automatic lubrication by pressure pump.


PC+ PLC control to ensure the equipment is running stable.


  • Windows operating interface, supports 2000/XP/win7 operating systems.
  • Supports language switching between English & local language.
  • User Friendly interface
  • Perfect temperature profile analysis and data storage.
  • Multiple level passwords, with operating records.
  • Real time display of the running parameters.
  • Built-in reflow defect analysis manual.
  • Built-in maintenance manual.