Benchtop Selective Coating Machine AD-200



The AD-200 is an automated desktop type selective coating robot with a precision spraying valve and material tank to provide a desktop type selective coating solution.

  •  High quality step motor with high precision linear guide rail for it’s driving system, ensures a stable and precise run of the motion system.
  •  Equipped with Precision spray valve with 6-10 mm adjustable spraying width.
  •  Built in dispensing controller with independent air regulator.
  •  Equipped with 10L material pressure tank and 2L cleaning pressure tank.
  •   Handheld teaching pendant with powerful software, all English interface, easy to operate.
  •   Powerful software has the painting point, straight line, multi line segment, three-dimensional arc (spatial arc), round, rectangular, runway, coating, automatic corner rounding, irregular 3D spline curve and other graphical elements; rich handmade teaching function and graphical preview function.
  •  Powerful  software has route copy and array copy function, park location setting function, coordinate offset correction function, different dispensing height and lifting height setting function, pause and continue running function etc.
Standard configuration:
 Benchtop Selective Coating Machine AD-200.
 Handheld teaching pendant.

V-1000  spray valve

10L material pressure tank

2Ltrs US cleaning pressure tank

Enclosed cover

UV inspection light