Cogiscan Factory Intelligence (FI)


    Factory Intelligence (FI)

    You cannot improve what you do not measure!

    Factory Intelligence is the perfect web-based tool to get a holistic view of the entire manufacturing operation.

    Available in two versions:

    1.Real-Time: live production monitoring

    2.Analytics: historical reporting and analysis


    FI: User Benefits

    • Increase productivity through better management of specific machines, individual lines, and overall factory performance.
    • React faster to the most immediate areas of concern and send the appropriate resources to solve problems quickly.
    • Enhance continuous improvement efforts with improved visibility into actual factory performance.
    • Improve manufacturing efficiency with better understanding of factory performance.
    • Lower production costs by avoiding unnecessary downtime.


    FI: Real-Time

    Live snapshot of production performance

    • User Friendly: Mobile-friendly web interface that allows for quick identification of any areas of concern
    • Comprehensive: Clear display of objective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) per machine and per line
    • Flexible: Customizable metrics with drill-down views at various levels – from factory, to line, to machine
    • Adaptable: Playback feature for users to review past production events
    • Configurable: Collected data can be integrated into a third-party tool using a WebSocket connection or Restful API.


    Factory Intelligence: Analytics

    Displays analyzed metrics of machine utilization with customizable dashboards based on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) method.

    • User Friendly: Intuitive and mobile-friendly web interface that allows for quick assessment of quality, performance, and availability data per machine
    • Comprehensive: 40+ predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to choose from
    • Flexible: Interface to access data using external tools (Excel) to create customizable, offline reports
    • Open: Quickly connect compatible machines with large interface library for most electronic assembly equipment types


    FI Analytics: Customized Reports

    Take control – develop your own customized reports and dashboards!

    • Gain access to FI Analytics’ underlying data sources using an OLAP Layer or RESTful API to…
    • Build custom, live dashboards and reports using Microsoft Excel
    • Share data with a 3rd party Business Intelligence tool (e.g., Tableau)