DA-350LFC-N Series Lead Free Nitrogen Wave Soldering System

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Technical Specifications
Max. PCB Size350 x 350 mm (LxW)
Conveyor Speed0~1800 mm/min
Solder Pot Heater12KW
Conveyor Motor1∮ 220V 90W
Wave Motor3∮ 380V 1/2HP
Cleaning Motor for Finger1∮ 220V 30W
Solder TemperatureRoom Temperature ~ 300℃
N2 Consumption15 m³/hour
O2 Level200 ~ 1000 ppm
Solder Pot Capacity420 Kg
Conveyor Angle4º ~ 7º adjustable
Startup Power26 KW
Operating Power9 KW
Power Supply3∮ 380V
Dimension (LxWxH)4250 x 1360 x 1650 mm (not include the size of the Flux)
Flux System Dimension1500 x 1180 x 1600 mm
Weight1550 Kg