Dispensing/Potting under atmospheric conditions


Twin offers most advanced Meter Mix and Dispensing systems for Open Air Potting applications. With a long standing experience and unparalleled range of clients, our systems have been enhancing productivity and quality across multiple industries.
Tank Arrangement
Tank arrangements with atmospheric pressure or under vacuum options, Vacuum pump degasses the resin and hardener for bubble free material
Precision Metering Pump
Advanced precision metering pump enables total controls over mixing processes
Static or Dynamic mixer as per the process requirement, mixer comes with suck back arrangement which holds the material after a pre decided shot
Intelligent Electronic Controls
Highly advanced PLC control panels with touch based HMI Controller makes this machine extremely easy to operate


  • Resin/hardener tanks are maintained at desired temperature using band heaters

  • Suitable for processes using pre-filled/unfilled epoxy/PU

  • Quick start-up time

  • Flushing trolley for easy cleaning of static mixer

  • Multi-head potting (optional)

  • Automatically transfers the resin/hardener to preparation unit barrel/IBC (optional)


System2/3/4 tank system
Tank Size5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 45 Ltr, 60 Ltr, 100 Ltr, 150 Ltr
Flow rate0.5 g/sec to 1kg/min customized flow rates can be offered as per requirement