* Fully automatic control, PC + QC software control, Windows 7 operating system.
* Optional CO2/FAYB/UV laser marking system with XY precision positioning and CCD+MARK precise positioning.
The marking position accuracy is less than 0.02mm. (This case uses a CO2 laser)
* Can print Chinese characters, English, numbers, charts, serial numbers, LGOG, barcodes, QR
codes, etc.
* Can access the shop floor\MES system.
* Support for document import such as Geber, DXF.
* Supports marking different types of materials such as PCB, FPC, and metal shield.
* Features high quality, high yield, high stability, no production consumables.

Software operation characteristics
* Edit template visualization operation is displayed on the PCB in real time, so the editor can look at the marking area to adjust the size, text position, text spacing and so on. User-friendly operation is very strong. It is fast and adapts to various bar code rules. It takes about 3 minutes to edit a template.
* All editors use CCD visual painting operation, which is intuitive, simple and convenient.
* With anti-gravity printing data function, avoid repeated marking of bar code information.
* Bar code engraving has an array function, simple and fast. It is convenient to engrave multiple boards, or a variety of bar codes.
* You can palletize the barcode to any PCB position. It can realize the function of moving the current position to the position in real time. It does not need the coordinate, modify the data and change the coordinate data, but intuitively drag and drop the barcode to the corresponding The location is OK and the operation is very intuitive.

Application areas:
*Laser PCB marking          *Laser component marking
*Laser ceramic marking   * Laser plastic marking Laser metal marking.

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