Laser marker dual head

The new GENIUS 1-LD is a high-speed marker, incorporating both a dual laser head as well as multiple cameras for reduced cycle time. The board is positioned vertically inside the module allowing the two laser heads to mark both sides of a PCB simultaneously and minimize
dust issues. This solution improves the quality of the mark and the process yield, which has
substantial impact on the total cost. The laser cell can mark on all types of non-metallic
surfaces including plastic and FR4 PC Board. The key feature for laser marking is that the mark is permanent and consumable costs are low.

Standard Features

• 30 Watt CO2 Laser Marker suitable for most types of PCBs
• Class 4 Laser, 10.6µm wavelength
• Marking field of 120mm x 120mm (4.72in x 4.72in)
• Software adjustable Z-Axis focus height of ±21mm (±0.83in); TOC = 0mm (0in)
• Guide laser for setup of marking area – Class 2 Laser, 655nm, wavelength
• Laser marking position repeatability of ±0.1mm (±0.004in)
• Marking resolution of 2µm
• Laser scan speed capable of 12000mm per second max.
• Character size ranging from 0.2mm – 120mm (0.008in – 4.72in)
• Font: KEYENCE original font / User font / true type font
• Barcode: CODE39 / ITF / 2of15NW7 (COD-ABAR) / JAN / CODE128
• 2D-Matrix Code: QR Code / Micro QR Code / Data Matrix (ECC200)
• Logo Image: Custom font, logo, (CAD) data, BPM / JPEG / PNG / TIF
• Interface via RS-232C / RS-422A / USB2.0
• Cooling method: Forced air cooling
• Laser tube lifetime expectancy 8-10 years

Camera Verification System
• Keyence barrel style camera
• Movement controlled by two servos for X and Y movement
• Fiducial recognition with board position correction
• Optical Character recognition verification
• 1D and 2D barcode verification

Edge belt rail set used for board transport
• ESD safe belts
• Programmable automatic width adjust
• Pneumatic actuated board stop and locate system

Laser Marker Machine
• PC based control system
• 21 Inch LCD monitor with keyboard and mouse on adjustable mount
• Programmable laser marker positions achieving total marking area of 457mm x 508mm
• Welded frame design with Class 1 safety covers
• 100mm connection available for connection to external vacuum/fume extraction system

○ Not included in quotation
○ 400cfm required for proper operation and longevity
• Cooling fans integrated into laser for air flow
• Interior camera for viewing the operation
during marking