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Laser marker

The GENIUS 1-LX Laser marker is used in applications where products need an identification mark for tracking or recognition. The laser cell can mark on all types of non- metallic surfaces including plastic and FR4 PC board. The key feature for laser marking is that the mark is permanent and consumable costs are low.

Standard Features

• Welded frame design with class 1 safety covers

Laser head
• 30 watt CO2 laser marker
•Suitable for marking PCB types
•Marking field of 460×508.1 mm
• Software adjustable Z-axis focus height of ±21 mm

Edge belt
• for board transport
• Antistatic edge belt with automatic width adjust system

• Pneumatically actuated board stop and locate system
• PC based control system
• 17” LCD monitor
• Programmable laser marking position
• Ready 100 mm connection to external vacuum