Turn unit

The GENIUS 1-TN Turn unit is used when a production line requires PC boards to be routed in a different direction than the standard line fow. The unit uses a servo controlled high speed rotate mechanism to re-route PC boards within stringent tolerances. The module is able to achieve cycle times in less than 15 seconds per board. The unit incorporates a user friendly touch screen display.

Standard Features

• Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation from 0°
to 90° and 270°
• Adjustable turn speed
• Several layouts available
• Adjustable conveyor speed
• Antistatic belt
• SMEMA interface
• 1 in 1 out (OR)
• 2 in 1 out (OR)
• 1 in 2 out Configuration
• Bad board sorting
• Programmable configuration
• ESD hinged cover with safety interlock