XDry Heated Dry Cabinet – HXD2-1106-01


Specifically designed for moisture-sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D, the HXD2-1106-01 heated dry cabinet features a high-performance drying unit and heater that provide outstanding performance for drying moisture-sensitive components and PCBs

Temperature range: normal temperature~60℃ Dehumidification range: 1~50%RH

Heated Dry Cabinet Specifications:

External dimension: W1200*D748*H1865 mm
Inner size: W1065*D430*H1510 mm
Dehumidification volume: 960L
Box weight: 260 kg
Laminate load: 100 kg
Steel plate laminate: 5 pcs

Heated Dry Cabinet

These Low-humidity temperature-controlled (baking) moisture-proof cabinets combine with ultra-low dehumidification technology and medium and low temperature baking to fully meet the environmental requirements of 60 °C and less than 5% RH. They are the best MSD storage equipment, especially for PCB packaging factories. The used SMD devices are stored in low humidity and baked at low humidity and low temperature before packaging, which significantly improves packaging yield.

The shell is made of imported engineering plastics, with a temperature resistance of more than 300° and a designed service life of more than 30 years. The molecular sieve is imported from Germany and the double memory alloy spring is imported from Sweden. The moisture-proof box has motor drive, heat insulation, magnetic isolation, electrostatic discharge and is both dustproof and anti-theft.

Maintenance Free Design:

The heated dry cabinet works with dry units. An interlocking fan circulates air through the dry unit, while the zeolite desiccant absorbs moisture. During periodic regenerating of the zeolite desiccant by heating, the absorbed humidity and exhaust is evaporated through the external shutters of the dry unit. The process requires no extra maintenance.

ESD Safe Design:

The cabinet has an ESD metal painted steel body, stainless steel shelves and ground wire, complying with IEC 61340-5-1.

HXD2-1106-01 Heated Dry Cabinet Applications:

Semiconductor Storage

Stores various IC components, passive devices, PCBs, SMD devices, MSD devices, crystals, CCDs, silicon wafers, etc.

After opening/closing the door, the dry cabinet can quickly return to a low-humidity state, meeting the requirements of the IPC Standard J-STD-033 and effectively preventing defects caused by moisture in IC packages and printed circuit boards.

Optical Devices Storage

Stores lenses, liquid crystal glass substrates, microscopes, etc. The best storage humidity is 20-50% RH, which can effectively prevent mold from growing on precision optical devices.

Digital Media Storage

Stores video equipment, microfilm, CD-ROM, hard disk, record, etc. Ideal storage humidity is: 30 ~ 40%RH. Protects data, audio, video media, etc. from moisture damage.


Stores antiques, cultural relics, ancient books, ancient musical instruments, etc. The storage humidity can be 40~60%RH, and maintaining the optimum humidity level prevents the collection from becoming oxidized and mildewed.

Home Application

Stores cameras, watches, pearls, stamps, photo albums, documents, ingredients, high-end bags, clothing, etc. The best storage humidity is 30-50%RH.

Medical Products Storage

Stores pharmaceutical preparations, tablets, powders, samples, vaccines, plant seeds, animal and plant specimens, precision instruments, etc.

Industrial Equipment Storage

Store precision tools, measuring tools, cutting tools.

Communication Equipment Storage

Stores communication equipment and instrumentation.

Note: The storage humidity of the above products is for reference only. Please refer to your product description for the specific humidity setting.

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