High Speed Dispensing Machine JD-450L



Standard configuration:
 Dispensing platform with X/Y axis Linear motor , Z Axis servo motor .
 Industrial PC ,monitor, Keyboard,mouse .
 1 section conveyor controlled by step motor with automatic adjustment .
 3 colour alarm lamp .

CCD visual system.

 Nozzle vacuum cleaning device

Nozzle heating

SMEMA communication port

1 year parts warranty


Optional configuration:
 Laser height detecting system  (detect and correct height when PCB get deformed ) .
 High precision glue weighing system (0.1mg) ,(detect and control the glue weight to ensure  uniform dispensing ).

Rail Heating system (enhance the flow-ability of glue at under-fill process).

Jet valve JET-6000.

VERMES jet valve MDV 3200A-HS .

2 section conveyor instead of one section conveyor

Barcode reading software .

Offline programming software.