High Speed Dispensing Machine SD-510



  • Solid motion platform, Panasonic servo motor, ball screw and dual linear guide rail and driving system, ensures stable and high speed operation of the motion system .
  • High precision JET valve V-300, it’s dispensing speed can reach 300 Hz min, dispensing diameter can reach 0.45mm, and fluid temperature control system ensures stable and consistent dispensing.
  • Equipped with both vacuum cleaning device and nozzle paper-wiping device, greatly improves the nozzle cleaning effect.
  • Keyence laser height detecting system to correct the dispensing height .
  • Digital air pressure stabilizer ensures the supplying pressure of material .
  • Material level detecting in syringe function, machine will alarm when material is insufficient .
  • Automatically recognize IC position and then dispense material to ensure dispensing precision for the underfill process.
  • Equipped with X/Y/Z auto correction platform .
  • Glue weighing function (Option) guarantees precise dispensing.
  • Industrial CCD and it’s mark positioning function.
  • Teaching with CCD for programming, support loading CAD file.
  • Industrial PC, Windows operation system, full English interface, very easy to use.