Hot Bar Soldering Machine HBS-A4

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Technical Parameter:
Machine Size:460*480*560mm
Work environment:10-60℃ Work size: Max 150*150mm
Welding pressure:1~20kg
Machine weight:35kg
Temperature setting: RT ~ 500 ± 5 DEG C.
Work pressure:0.45-0.70Mpa
Hot-pressing time:1~99.9s adjustable
power:AC220V±10% 50HZ,2300W
Minimum soldering pitch:0.2mm
Soldering head size: MAX 60*5mm
Positioning jig: 1

Under pressure cylinder : SMC
Pressure display table : Analog
Magnetic cylinder sensor switch : SMC
Solenoid valve : made in Taiwan
Connectors and trachea : made in Taiwan
Filter regulator : made in Taiwan
Precision cylinder under pressure regulator : SMC
Control system: independent research and development
Power transformer : 220V, 2000W
Driver module : 45A
Vacuum Generators : SMC
Button switch: Schneider
Relay: Omron
Chassis components: aluminum plus bending parts
Body color: cyan gray