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Total solutions for SMT pick and place labeling

Increase Throughput and Improve Yield with PPL™ Series Pick and Place Labels
PPL™ Series labels are engineered for use in SMT pick and place label feeders for precise placement on printed circuit boards and components.
All PPL Series labels are made of pressure sensitive polyimide flm, engineered with heat and solvent resistant print receptive topcoats.
When printed with IDENTCO TTRR™ Series thermal transfer ribbons, the result is permanent, fully legible identifcation throughout your entire process workfow.

PPL Series labels are provided standard on IDENTCO’s proprietary REEL e™ static dissipative reels. REEL e™ reels are built to protect and support the label spool, prevent the build up of static electricity in the dispensing process, are RoHS compliant and compatible with all major SMT label feeders and automation equipment.

REEL e Static Dissipative Reels ™
The REEL e™ is recyclable, 100% RoHS compliant and made of an electrostatic dissipative plastic that aids in the elimination of static build up. This ensures static free delivery of labels and die cut masks to auto apply machines and when used with SMT label feeders.
All PPL labels are supplied on REEL e reels.

Simplify Your Labeling Process with IDENTCO’s Print Service Centers.
Because of the miniature sizes of IDENTCO’s PPL Series SMT labels, they print best when used with center aligned, high precision thermal transfer printers such as our ELP I 600 dpi printer. If you prefer to skip the handling required to print your own labels on demand, IDENTCO Print Service Centers ofer a cost efective alternative. Variable 2D codes are 100% verifed for readability before we ship to you. Our Print Service Center in Hanua, Germany can help you avoid downtime from lack of media and printing challenges. Print Service Centers are also located in Monterrey, Mexico and Chicago.



Automated solutions for SMT solder masking

Precision Die Cut Solder Masks IDENTCO die cut solder masks are designed for use in SMT pick and place feeders and other auto apply equipment. Made of removable PT205HD 5 mil polyimide material, IDENTCO masks withstand direct contact with fuxes, molten solder, and cleaning chemicals used in the printed circuit board manufacturing process. Withstanding temperatures up to 500˚F (260˚C), IDENTCO masks are designed to remove cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue. Masks are supplied on 2 mil polyester liner and IDENTCO’s proprietary REEL e™ dispenser reels for ultimate feeder and auto apply equipment performance. IDENTCO die cut solder masks can be manufactured to the exact size and shape needed to mask critical, difcult to access areas of printed circuit boards. A selection of stock shapes is available for standard applications.

Accurate Placement of Labels and Masks for your SMT Line IDENTCO ofers a robust range of label feeders/presenters for integration with SMT pick & place machines. Automatically pick and place PPL™ labels and Precision Solder Masks like any other SMD component. Each model is designed and manufactured to the highest standards for a seamless, reliable interface with your SMT pick and place equipment. The ILP 30 is the slimmest label feeder on the market. At merely 30mm (1.18 in.) wide, the ILP 30 takes up less space in your pick and place machine, allowing more room for spools of other components. The ILP 30 can feed labels as small as 3mm x 3mm.

Stock or Custom: Which is best? The answer: “Whichever is best for you!” At IDENTCO, we strive to ofer a robust range of stock products to cover the most
common applications in the electronics industry. But 35+ years of focused participation in the evolution of the electronics industry has taught us that many customers would prefer not to be forced into choices that do not fully meet their requirements. That is why we have structured IDENTCO to excel at quoting and manufacturing custom sizes and shapes of our circuit board labels and solder masks. This is truly a core strength of IDENTCO. We invite your custom requests!