IR Series Curing Oven



  • The curing chamber achieves a thermally uniformed atmosphere with Japanese designed Far IR Panel.
  • Far IR Panel is specially designed for the coating process, high IR to heat exchange ratio, 100mm distance to IR panel surface can meet 50–250c degrees. Far IR tube, it can meet 50–200c degrees.
  • Benefit from the high IR/heat exchange ratio (0.9–0.95), Far IR Panel can save 30–50% electrical power compared with IR tube.
  • IR panel surface with special water-proof treatment, when coating material needs higher humidity for curing, the heater can stand it too.
  • IR panels have a much longer life time.
  • From the heater’s arrangement, the IR Panel is with whole surface for heating, for IR Tube there are gaps between the tubes where there is no heating source.
  • The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean.
  • Specially enlarged, the heat-resistant layer to 50mm, prevents heat loss effectively, saving energy.
  • With an electrical pole for oven tunnel & upper cover lifting. No need for an air source.
  • Stainless steel chain conveyor with hardened guide rails, 5MM pin length for the conveyor chain.
  • At the entrance and exit there are plates, so we can adjust the height, to prevent heat loss from both ends.
  • Branded electrical components Schneider (Germany) breaker, Omron (Japan) box breaker. Ensuring It runs stable and with low noise.
  • Conveyor width adjustment by crank