Technical Specifications

Laser Type: CO2 Laser Marker
Laser Wave Length: 10,640Nm
Laser Head: USA Made Synrad Laser System
Laser Power: 1kW Total Power
Optimal Marking Distance: 75mmFromPCBSurface
Working Method: X / Y Axis Laser Head Movement
Laser Cooling System: Forced Air Cooling
Barcode Size (Min / Max): 2mm x 2mm / 55mm x 55mm
Repeatable Accuracy: +/- 0.025mm
Positioning System: CCD Fiducial Mark Recognition
Minimum PCB Size: Standard: L: 70mmxW: 50mm| Flipper Option: L: 100mmxW: 100mm
Maximum PCB Size: Standard: L: 510mmxW: 510mm| Flipper Option: L: 510mmxW: 460mm
PCB Thickness Range: 0.5mm – 3mm
PCB Edge: Top: 3mm | Bottom: 5mm
PCB Component Clearance: Top: 80mm | Bottom 15mm
PCB Clamping System: Standard Edge Clamping
Conveyor System: 900mm +/- 20mm, Left To Right
Marking Capabilities: Characters, 1D and 2D Barcodes (QR Code and Data Matrix)
Power Requirements: 1Ph, AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Usage: 2Kw
Machine Size: L: 1,100mm x W: 1,560mm x H: 1,744mm
Machine Weight: Approximately 900Kg