LBT210 Solderability Tester Wetting Balance


Automated & PC Controlled Solderability Tester


Test Methodes & Options:

• Solder Bath Test with automatic scraper and dross bin
• Solder Ball Test with 1, 2, 3 & 4mm and bucket for used solder balls
• Solder Paste Test with substrate, solder paste and your component
• Automatic testing of multiple pins
• Automatic testing in oxygen atmosphere
• Tackiness testing (future option)
• Company wide central Database
• Preheating


• Dynamic range
• Automatic amplification
• Vibration dampening design
• Brushless DC Servo Motors
• Positioning: better than 5μm
• Bath surface position determined by noncontact
laser sensor
• Video of measurment can be captured
• E-Stop, CE certified
• Software in German, English, French,
(further languages possible)
• Data saved in a SQL Database with
statistical analysis
• Export of data in CSV & text files
• Export of curves as image files