Matrix Automatic SMT Support Tooling


Take our word.

More than 20 Years experience means that we know automatic tooling. We introduced the technology early on with Grid-lok and then nearly ten years later we set out to develop Quik-Tool and now another decade later we are excited to offer Matrix as the culmination of our past efforts.

Enhanced support for today’s challenging applications.

Increased support-pin density not only means more pins but much better distribution across your substrate. Our Diamond pattern bridges the gaps and soft spots that are typical weaknesses with the alternative solutions.

“Auto Tooling is too expensive” (Not on our watch!)

We enhanced the performance, improved the materials, tightened the tolerences and lowered the cost … all at the same time. Give us an opportunity to prove ourselves yet again, at your venue, as you begin to realize the benefits on day-one.

Lowest Cost in The Industry

  • Provide unparalleled support to your PCB throughout the assembly process.
  • Operate automatically or via LCD touch-screen control pendant with added apps, features and gadgets coming through our website.
  • Installs on your Screenprinter and Chip Shooters in minutes
  • ESD Safe
  • Softest setup force
  • Best pin locking force
  • Easy clean & maintenance



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