Nozzle Cleaner SC-NZR

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Main Features of SC-NZR:
1. Fully automatic cleaning mode: automatic cleaning and drying process.
2. the whole process visualization: the cleaning room is equipped with a visualization window, the cleaning process at a glance.
3. the most scientific nozzle design (patent): nozzle height is adjustable, improve.
cleaning efficiency, nozzle can be removed.
4. Visual nozzle pressure can be adjusted: Solve the collision and splash problems of small nozzles under high pressure spray conditions during cleaning.
5. using deionized or pure water to clean, no need to buy liquid.
6. the fuselage village quality: the overall 304 stainless steel body, acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluid.
8. Lower operating costs: lower equipment investment costs, localized services, teams and ample spare parts supply.
7. The presence of a solid barrier has an emergency stop button protection

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