Inline inkjet printing system


Inline inkjet printing system PM-450  in a compact size , can be easily integrated into the production line to help your traceability requirements.

PM-450M utilises the renowned Videojet 1620HR inkjet system which ensures high quality inkjet printing with high printing speed.

Capable of printing 1D barcode:code-128, code-39, interleave 2 of 5, 2D:data matrix QR, PDF417,rectangle 2D.

Defective barcode printed before curing can easily be erased for repeat printing . cured barcode has anti-friction effect .

X/Y/R axis adopts a servo motor control system with high precision ball screw and linear guide rail which ensures high accuracy of the motion system. Optional z axis adopts a servo motor with ball screw control system.

Option 10mm travel z axis can easily adjust printing height to get the best printing effect.

CCD +fiducial recognition system automatically correct the offset of PCB position .

Optional Keyence barcode reader or CCD barcode reader checks the printed barcode to avoid defective barcodes  going to next process.

IPM-450 is capable to connect with the customers MES system to capture .txt barcodes from MES system then print it (option).

Industrial PC, with full English interface and Windows 7 OS.