Seamark Small Precise X-Ray Inspection Equipment X5600

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Application Advantage

  • Miniaturized equipment, easy to install and operate.
  • Applicable to Chip, BGA/CSP, Wafer, SOP/QFN, SMT and PTU packaging, Sensors, and other fields products inspection.
  • High resolution design to get the best image in a very short time.
  • Infrared automatic navigation and positioning function can select the shooting location quickly.
  • CNC inspection mode which can quickly and automatically inspect multi-point array.
  • Inclined multi-angle inspection makes it easier to inspect sample defects.
  • Simple software operation, low operating costs
  • Long lifespan

Automatic Void Ratio Calculation

Enhanced BGA inspection function
X5600 can quickly select and mark a single solder ball, or select the solder balls to be inspected by matrix box ; it can manually or automatically identify BGA solder balls and complete the inspection. Follow the system guidelines to easily complete the inspection process and ensure accurate and reliable inspection results.


Size Measurement

Measuring tools
Distance, distance ratio, lines distance, angle, arrow mark, circle radius, points distance, circle centers distance, circumference, hand-drawn polygon, hand-drawn freeform etc., can add text description.