Single Station Automatic PCB Router AR-450



AR-450 Features:

X,Y,Z axis uses a Panasonic servo motor and its driving system, ball screw drive with rail & slider, ensures the  movement is smooth and precise.

Equipped with High resolution CCD which makes programming very easy. It has mark positioning function, which can automatically correct the coordinate offset. Also, the CCD has the function of scanning bar codes and QR codes, which can scan the bar code and QR code information on the PCB board directly, and then call the finished program on the machine to cut the PCB board.

Option MES system, Through the CCD on the router and MES system software for the router, the machine can be docked with the factory’s MES system. Allowing convenient program and data download, production log upload.

High quality air cooling long service life routing spindle. The machine is equipped with an ion air gun. The ion flow blown from the bottom of the spindle can eliminate the static electricity generated during the cutting process.

The machine is equipped with the broken milling cutter detection function on the spindle.

When the milling cutter is broken, the machine will stop, and the software interface will alarm.

400W high-power spindle, which can cut Al board below 2.0mm thickness (machine needs to use custom-cut aluminium board milling cutter)

Built in 2.2KW vacuum cleaner provides a clean and quiet work environment .

Intuitive software makes programming and operating very easy. The software interface can set the Z-axis cutting depth and set different Z-axis cutting depths depending on the thickness of the PCB. Ensure that the Z-axis can cut the PCB at a fixed height (suitable for PCBs with components on the back of the cutting point, ensuring that the milling cutter does not damage the components on the back of the PCB)

Milling cut can be used as 2 or 3 section, just set the parameter on software, it will significantly prolong the milling cut’ service life.