Stencil Inspection Machine System SIM-230


Process improvement:

  • Solves the problem of receiving and cleaning the stencils, improves the cleaning process.
  • Establishes a stencil management standard, improves the production management system.
  • Automatic inspection instead of manual checking, improves the product quality.
  • Solves the excess solder, insufficient solder and solder short problems at the very beginning.
  • The 01005 component or even smaller components are widely used in production now, high precision inspection is needed for future developments.


  • Input GERBER data and modularizie the data structure. The results can be viewed after immediate measuring within 3 min.
  • Input CAD file, the inspection date can match with SPI immediately, then it can go back to check.
  • Combines the different SPC analysis automatically, so it resolves and standardizes the design of the stencils, to guide the application for our clients promptly and easily.
  • Inspection for the area, position, offsets, size, foreign objects, burrs & clogging on the opening field and reduced hole as well tension of the stencil.
  • The open type of communication protocols can communicate with in-line real time systems or machines in the market. All stencil ID number, data and status can be checked at any time;
  • High speed, as it only take 2 min to inspect a PCB board 230*150mm, including review of the the data and SPC analysis.