ULTRA VIOLET Curing Oven UVC-602 Series



  1. UV system utilizes 2 groups of metal halide lamps, each lamp is controlled independently, & the lamp height is adjustable.


  1. With aluminum-magnesium alloy reflector, Ultraviolet light can be effectively reflected more than 95%, CF vapor-plated quartz-glass and filtered IR, temperature is effectively reduced.


  1. Forced air-cooling exhausting system is used for lamp cooling and to reduce the conveying mesh temperature.


  1. Offline mode UVC-602 with a Teflon mesh belt is easy for placing multiple PCBs.


  1. Inline mode UVC-602I with stainless steel pin chain conveyor can be easily connected with the selective coating machine for Inline production.


  1. High quality electrical parts are adopted to ensure a long service life of the machine.