Basic Parameters

Printing Technology: SLA (Stereolithography) X/Y Axis Build Size: 600mm(X)×600mm(Y)

Z Axis Build Size: 400mm (standard) / other customized size (100-400mm)

Product Size: 1500*1200*1920mm

Product Weight: 1500kg (with 240kg resin)

Print Accuracy: ±0.1mm(L≤100mm)/±0.1%×L(L>100mm)(Up to 0.05mm)

Heating Style: Hot Air Maximum Scan Speed: 10m/s

Reference Building Speed: 80~400 g/h Maximum Build Weight: 80kg

Resin Bracket:   Replaceable Resin Bracket

Printing Material: White Resin, High-toughness Resin, Soft Resin, Transparent Resin, Heat Resisting Resin, Moisture-proof Resin, etc.

Laser System Type: Diode-pumped solid-state laser Wavelength: 355nm

Power: 500mW/1000mW


Recoating System

Process: Intelligent positioning – Vacuum press recoat Normal Build: 0.1mm

Quick Build: 0.1~0.25mm

Precision Build: 0.05~0.1mm

Scanning System Scanning Technology: SCANLAB Focusing Type: F-theta Flat field  lens

Beam (diameter@1/e2 ): 0.10~0.50mm

Elevator Position Repeatability: ±0.01mm

Elevator Motor: High Accuracy Servo Motor Benchmark Platform: Marble benchmark platform



Operating System: WindowsXP/Windows 7 Network: Ethernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3 Control Software: 3DSLCON

Data Interface: SLC file, STL file

Software Function: Automatic generation of scanning paths, Liquid level

monitoring & compensation

Working Condition Power: 200~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A

Ambient Temperature: 24-28ºC

Relative Humidity: 20-40%

Warranty Laser: 8000 hours or 24 months (whichever comes first)

Main Machine: 24 months from installation date