PulseForge® Soldering

Soldering on Low Temperature Substrates in Milliseconds

A collaboration between NovaCentrix and the Holst Centre. PulseForge Soldering enables the soldering of standard lead-free solder pastes on low-cost, temperature sensitive substrates such as paper and PEN in milliseconds.


Pulses of high intensity light are used in place of a reflow oven to heat the solder to its liquidus temperature in milliseconds without damaging the underlying substrate.


High energy doses can be applied without damaging conductive tracks by protecting them with light-reflecting layers.

flexible soldering

Multiple types of components requiring different levels of heat can be soldered simultaneously.

lead free

Enables the use of standard lead-free solder pastes on temperature sensitive substrates – not possible with any other processing method.

Soldering Process

  • Utilizing PulseForge soldering technology, we are able to solder LEDs, resistors and capacitors onto conductive ink traces in a matter of milliseconds.
  • Solder paste is heated indirectly through a light-absorbing layer and components.
  • High contrast ratio absorption between layers allows for selective heating.

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