Label Feeder Slimline / Mediumline

The space-saving labelling solution: only 30 or 46 mm wide The automatic marking per label feeder is a cost-efficient and simple solution which is used in several cases.

With a width of around 60mm conventional label feeders are using several feeder positions in the pick and place system – although the labels are in most cases very small – very often much less than 10 x 10mm.

The Slim Line Label Feeder is the perfect solution for small labels – with the revolutionary width of 30 mm.

Thus it saves ready cash in the production line because space is expensive.

Further advantages:
 Compatible with many popular pick and place systems and special machines
 Feeds the label very simple like a component
 The flexible solution for marking your boards
 Precise and automatic placement of labels
 Reliable electronic operation
 Low maintenance costs
 Saves time and money
 Can also feed odd components and functional parts

Slimline Label Feeder

LFS – only 30mm wide –
The Slim Line Label Feeder can be used
for labels or die cut parts from 2×2 mm,
maximum label length is 25 mm, maximum
liner width 15 mm.

Mediumline Label Feeder

LFM – only 46mm wide – 
For applications with bigger labels the
Medium Line Label Feeder (LFM) can be used.
The maximum liner width usable with the LFM is 30 mm – and this at a complete feeder width of only 46 mm.

Not only for labels
With our label feeders as well odd components and functional parts can be fed.

Compatible with many pick and place systems.
Our Slimline and Mediumline Label -Feeder can be used in the following pick and place systems:
ASM, K&S, Fuji, Juki, Yamaha & Mycronic – others on request.

Furthermore, both label feeders can easily be integrated into special machines.

Suitable mounting plates can be delivered on request.

The complete solution for an automatic marking
Our label feeders combined with autoapply labels from IDENTCO’s provides a simple, steady, precise and cost-effective automatic tracking solution which can easily be integrated into the placement process. We solve your space problem with label sizes already from 2x2mm.

Die Labels are available in white and green, matte or glossy, and they can be pre-printed in several different colours. The transparent liner is especially designed for auto-applications, as i.e. with label feeders.

All labels for the Electronic Industry are high temperature labels, they are certified according to UL and CSA and guarantee ROHS conformity.

Furthermore, there are ESD compliant labels available as well as special materials for use with chemicals. To eliminate damaging static buildup in the production area, IDENTCO utilizes the REEL-e™, an anti-static plastic reel.