The Surfx Advantage

Our in-line argon plasmas will not damage thermally sensitive polymers or electrically sensitive semiconductor components.

After years of product development, Surfx engineers have delivered a breakthrough in argon plasma technology.  Our machines provide all the advantages of vacuum plasmas, low temperature, low voltage, non-damaging, variable chemistry, and real-time process control, but with the ability to integrate the tool into assembly equipment operating at atmospheric pressure.  The uniform beam of reactive gas flowing out of the plasma head is 100% electrically neutral with no streamers, no sparks, no electrostatic discharge (ESD), no ultraviolet (UV) light, and no particles. Now for the first time, plasma cleaning and activation can be safely integrated into the electronics assembly line.  This breakthrough will enhance product yield, while at the same time lowering production costs.

Gain flexibility and agility, Eliminate excuses 


Our most versatile platform can be configured with drawer, conveyor, or rotary table. Whether you’re cleaning dies, silicon wafers, medical devices or molded plastic parts, the STA-10 can be easily configured for any job. Working volume is 350 x 475 x 100 mm.

With a slim footprint, fast lead times, and flexible configurations there is no excuse to skip plasma surface preparation for critical processes. Save money and improve quality with turnkey systems configured for your application.


The 100-mm-wide argon plasma beam cleans and activates surfaces much faster and more uniformly than open air plasma with 10-mm-wide spots.

100% total control

Surfx machines monitor and control every process parameter in real time. Nobody else offers this level of process traceability.

0% damage

Surfx argon plasmas generate an electrically neutral reactive gas beam below 80 C. Unlike open air torches, no streamers, sparks, UV light, or particles shoot out of the head.

100% quality

We deliver high-quality products manufactured to exacting standards. We are an established company that delivers as promised.

Keith Bryant interviews Robert Hicks, Surfx Technologies

Keith Bryant of KB Consulting interviews Robert F. Hicks, the president and CEO of SURFX Technologies. 

Surfx provides advanced inline plasma systems for producing good adhesion preparation for coating of PCBAs at line-speed. The system can also prepare bonding applications microelectronics packages in a clean room environment.

STA-10iL for EMS Minibeam

STA-10M Medical Catheter

STA-10iL Medical Well Plate