YOUNGPOOL Technology Co.,Ltd.

Youngpool Technology Co.,Ltd is a focus on electronics manufacturing industry, a collection of research and development, production, sales and service in one of the standard equipment suppliers. National high and new technology enterprise.

The company has a total of intelligent receiving, laser marking, solder paste printing and vacuum debubbling four product series. Adhering to the design principle of “easy to use, reliable, intelligent”, the company aims to provide the industry with the best performance of equipment, help customers reduce the cost of equipment introduction and use, effectively improve yield and production efficiency.

To meet customers’ continuous improvement of efficiency and quality requirements is the purpose of our development, to promote the progress of the industry is our constant mission.It is our constant pursuit of yangpu to become the power of China which can not be ignored in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Auto Electronics

Yongpool Technology N-800A Vacuum Degassing Machine helps in the dispensing and coating process. It can overcome the problem of bubbles after dispensing and coating

Mobile Communications

With the demand of market application, the past screen printing process is gradually replaced by laser marking machine, laser marking as a modern precision processing method, compared with screen printing, mechanical engraving, electrical discharge machining and other traditional processing methods, has incomparable advantages


Youngpool Technology in addition to laser marking machine can meet the production needs of medical electronic equipment

Automatic Splicing Machine

Automatic splicing machine is an integral part of the modern MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in the SMT factory. Integration requires equipment and the MES to work seamlessly, and also requires the equipment to function with a high degree of automation. L-900 Automatic splicing machine not only can fulfill the above requirements, but also deliver unsurpassed splicing reliability to drive improved yields and utilization.

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Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine has identified a permanent, non-contact processing, wide applicability, sculpture, high precision, low operation cost, high efficiency, simple operation, high flexibility, stable performance, environmental protection and other characteristics, especially the marking out the graphic delicate and beautiful, not to wipe, will not fade by environmental relations or time for a long time, Especially suitable for fineness, depth, smoothness of the higher requirements of the field!

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Vacuum Degassing Machine

Encapsulation and Conformal Coating are processes implemented to enhance the reliability of electronic products, bubble defects can cause premature failure of the electronic circuits. Multiple factors contribute to the bubble defects in encapsulation/conformal coating processes, as such, eradicating the bubbles is a painfully challenging task. With years of expertise in the encapsulation and conformal coating, Youngpool Technology has designed and developed a solution to address the bubble defect – the N-800A series Automatic

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Laser Depaneling Machine is used for SMT industry and semiconductor industry, mainly for THE SMT industry OF FPCB, PCBA, soft and hard combined PCB board and drilling and semiconductor industry of FPCB, PCBA, soft and hard combined PCB board and drilling